Using Lightburn on 2 computers and finding License

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I would like to Use Lightburn on two computers. I see that The license lets you use the software on up to two computers at once.

I am confused firstly it says I need to deactivate my license in order to use it on the second computer and I can only do this 10 Times. I thought I had a License that I could use at the same time on 2 different machines.

Secondly, I know I was sent my License key, via email. However, I can’t find that email. How do I find my key in the software?

You can use it on 2 computers at a time. If you want to move to a 3rd computer you need to deactivate from one of the existing computers. By default you are limited to 10 deactivations. If you are being asked to deactivate is it possible you’ve already installed it on another computer? Or else are you using a single seat makerspace license? Also note that LightBurn has been known to provide a 3rd seat upon request.

You cannot. You can retrieve your key by logging into the License Portal, however. You can manage your activations there as well.

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