Using mutiple lasers with lightburn

I started out with a K40 and have recently upgraded to an Omtech 60watt unit. The new laser is working great but I have one major problem. When I switch files between the K40 and the new 60 watt everything gets mirrored and flipped around to the point that it pretty much ruined a file today and has caused me to ruin more than one project so far. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening I understand why it happens because the origins are in different places but I either have to quit using the K40 or get a solution to this problem.

What version of LightBurn are you using? Auto-flipping (reorienting) of designs was implemented for 1.3. As long as you open or import the file it should reorient for your laser origin.

Is that not how it’s working?

Outside of that there’s no other way to handle this other than manually reorienting for each design.

I am using 1.3.01, if I switch machines while I have the file open it scrambles everything up, should I be switching the machine first then opening the file?

Yes, switching machines with the design open implies a willful change so orientation is not maintained. It’s debatable if that’s the “right” design but that’s how it’s defined so just need to adjust for that.

Open the design with the target machine already chosen and it should reorient.

This seems to work for me I will just have to be super careful in the future because it wreaks havoc on the file especially if its a complicated design. Thanks for the help.

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