Using Offset Fill for Shading

So this was basically a test on throw away painted tile where I had gotten some white overspray on it anyway. I’ve mainly been doing images and manipulating them in lightburn and having mixed results. I’ve never gotten the shading correct. Threshold is beyond me. I just have 00w diode and definetly still learning.

So I took a .jpeg file of a GoT House, line traced it and not 100% correct, used offset fill. It might surprise people that, depending on the image, even Lightburn will struggle for maybe 15 secs to do this. It’s not 100% aligned correctly and for some reason my text was lower than it should have been and cut last mm off…but 20 minutes. 3 minutes off what Ligjtburn preview said. So impressed that this function can do this. Sure others know and sorry if I am repeating an old topic.
4.25x4.25" white tile painted red then black
10 watt sculpfun s-10
3000mm/min @13% power for dragon
3000mm/min @15% power for text
(Power a bit high and/or not fast enough as it came out more pink than red)
20 mins burn time.

Try this out for coasters or tiles, I hope you are as happy as I am. Just a bit more fine tuning left to do.


Just for this task, it is a fine effect you have achieved, I think.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experiences and process values.