Using Offset line to cutout image

I have looked through many forum topics to see if I could find an answer before sending this. I have a 15 Watt diode laser. I can cut through 3mm plywood using a circle, square or star at a line speed setting of 200 mm/min at about 70% power at 3 passes. When I created an offset and set the line setting the same it will not go completely through the same 3mm for the project even after 10 passes. Should I use the Cut Through feature in the line settings and if so what pause time should I use. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I took a razer knife to finish the cut but would like to do one that looks better.

Does not seem to be a response for my inquiry. I will keep researching myself.

The Cut Through setting doesn’t affect the beam power - it’s mostly for CO2 lasers cutting very thick material, or metal.

Air assist is the best way to improve cutting:

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