Using Shark NextWave HD2

Looking for a code generation that is GRBL for the Shark HD 2 not connecting directly from lightburn. After generating and saving code (GRBL) I have to go in with notepad and change all the “S” codes to “M175Q500P” so that the nextwave controller will process laser power. also next wave comment lines are enclosed in “()” not a “;” could a device to handle this be created or is there one already?

It would depend on whether this is a common enough device to warrant it and whether that’s the standard way to interface with that controller. There are a gazillion flavors of gCode firmware, especially made by manufacturers and loaded on the machines they sell, that we can’t possibly support them all.

Building a find replace script to handle the changes you describe would be the most expedient solution.

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Is scripting available in Lightburn?

No, not at this point. The long-term plan is to provide interfaces into LightBurn via python, but that is going to be a while. You would need to do this “replace script” stuff Ray suggested using an external tool.

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