Using software while job is running

When running a long job can I use software for something else or must I wait until progress bar is done or even have to wait until job is complete

As soon as my job is sent to the rudia controller.
I am already loading the next run

Never had a problem.

As soon as the job starts the job is sent to the controller, as long as you don’t hit the stop button changing any lines or drawings is fine.

That’s true for DSP controllers, but LightBurn sends the G-Code program into GRBL controllers pretty much character-by-character, because Arduino-class microcontrollers have no internal buffer space.

That process will (uh, should) proceed independently of anything else you do with the UI, but … a cheap laptop dedicated to drip-feeding the laser can eliminate an expensive finger-fumble.

We had one user who updated their license mid-job and it caused LightBurn to reset. We’ve locked out the ‘unanticipated behavior’ so it won’t happen to anyone else.

@Hockeyguy - If you do find something that is unexpected, or problematic or causes a job to end prematurely please let us know.

Running a hand drill near the laser engraver might cause USB communication to be disrupted but we can’t lock out that feature. :slight_smile:

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