Using table as an inspection machine


I have recently purchased a Sculpfun S30 that I would like to use in an unconventional way. I plan to replace the laser with a small camera so that I can use it to take images at multiple positions on a sheet of printed paper. How would I set up the controller to move to a position, pause for 5 seconds then move to another position on the sheet? Imagine a sheet of multiple images evenly spaced across a sheet where I want to stop at each one. Is there a way I can do this? Any help very much appreciated.

LightBurn is the wrong hammer for that nail, because it’s intended to control a laser, rather than a coordinate measuring machine.

You must write custom G-Code programs to do what you want, but fighting LightBurn to a standstill will not be easy: it expects to run a laser between the prologue and epilogue G-Code sections you can add.

Rather than hammering out raw G-Code, you may find the C-style language implemented in GCMC will be more easily written and definitely more easily modified:

You could send that G-Code to the not-a-laser machine using LightBurn, but a CNC-flavored G-Code sender will drag along less baggage:



Sculpfun’s G-Code dialect may change or omit some commands, but GRBL descendants should stay pretty close to the LinuxCNC language described in the G-Code Programming section:

Suffice it to say writing bare G-Code is … challenging. :grin:


You can use Lightburn to map out the moves and save that as GCode. Then you would have to manually add a G04 dwell command (G04 P[seconds]) where you wanted it to pause.

Thanks all for the fast responses, much appreciated.