Using Trace function laser stops 1/2 way

This is only the second time I,ve tried trace function…
1/2 way through job the laser stops moving but remains on High
also did this for an svg file…few weeks ago
I emailed the svg and Gcode

Why trace that instead of just running it as an image? You’re just adding a huge amount of processing overhead to the initial setup - the image is quite high resolution, and with Threshold mode the output should look fine.

I was just trying out trace function
I believe that the 8 bit processor just can;t keep up with all the details and bogs down…
Trying to figure out why laser would stay on high and all else stop
Thanks for your quick response
The way you lads are perfecting LightBurn it won;t be long before you only require hand gestures to run

Good Lord!! That looks like it would bring most computers to their knees trying to trace all those details!!

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You could try cutting it into individual objects and tracing those

It worked OK, but needs a lot of cleaning up.

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Thank you much appreciated

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