Using two licenses

I have been using lightburn on a k40 with no problem but I just recently purchased a new laser that uses the ruida controller so I purchased the dsp license also. I would like to continue using the k40 for certain jobs as well as the new laser, the problem I am having is when I try to run lightburn on the ruida controlled laser it tells me I dont have a dsp license key and will not connect to the laser. Is there a way to choose between which laser to use depending on which one I’m plugged into via USB? Both lasers will be used with the same computer I’d just like to switch USB depending on the one I want to use for the job.

Did you upgrade from the Gcode license to the DSP license, or buy a new DSP license. The former is what you should have done, it is a $40 upgrade available here.

The license will then be capable of running either DSP or Gcode lasers. If you bought a new DSP license, contact LightBurn via email, and they can get you sorted out.

The DSP license includes support for GCode devices, so if you have purchased a DSP license as you said, you can put that one on all your computers and all your machines will be supported.

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