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I use Lightburn on Linux Mint 19.3, with 2 monitors. I cannot get the window on 1 single screen. About 15% of the window is on the second monitor and the window cannot be dragged or resized, so all of it is on the main screen. Can this be fixed in any way?

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What is the resolution of your screen?

1920x1080 for the first screen, the second one I cannot check right know as I’m not at home. I am now in a situation where the second screen is 1024 by 768 and this shows the problem as well. At home the resolution is higher.

LightBurn should have no trouble at all with a 1920x1080 display. It might be a challenge to squeeze it into 1024 x 768, but it really depends on how you have everything set up. If you stack windows too high along the sides, they have minimum heights, and won’t let you vertically roll up the windows smaller than their combined minimums.

Try Window > Reset to Default Layout to see if that helps.

That does not help. There is no deviant way of stacking the windows, I simply cannot resize the horizontal size of the window, it insists on having 15% on the second monitor.
In the past I suggested AppImage for Linux compatibility, all AppImage applications I use size perfectly like desired. Maybe that could be an idea for the future.


We briefly shipped an appimage but it ended up causing a bunch of compatibility issues with libssl and the camera pipeline.
What windowing environment are you using? Gnome? Cinnamon? I honestly can’t think of any reason why it would have a problem - we’re not doing anything special with the window sizing on Linux

But you said you cannot check on the second window because you are not at home… are you having this issue over VNC or something? If so I would try again locally - I’m 99.5% sure this is nothing that’s under our control.
Could you provide a screenshot of your full desktop with LB open (both monitors combined).

Linux Mint 19.3 uses Cinnamon if I’m not mistaking. I am now in an environment where I am connected to a beamer, so that is basically the same as having a second screen. I only have this problem with Lightburn, but that does not exclude a local cause.
A screenshot is attached of my workspace, you can see that the Lightburn window is partially over the second screen.

What prevents you from grabbing the right edge of the window and dragging it toward the left?

That is the core of the problem, it will not. It allows for a couple of millimeter movement to the left and then jumps back to the right. There is no way to move that side of the window, so I use it with 15% of the screen real estate on another screen. As my second screen is 1 meter to the right of me, not the most handy of situations…

Is the LB currently maximized in that screenshot?
If not, what happens when you maximize it?
Can you use Super(win key) + Left to split the window the the left side of the main monitor?
Does the issue still happen if you launch the application as root? sudo ~/.local/share/LightBurn/LightBurn
I don’t have a Mint system with 2 monitors to test with sadly but I am unable to reproduce this on Fedora 31 (Gnome).

FWIW, I’m running Linux Mint 19.3 (Cinnamon) with a pair of 1920 x 1080 monitors and mine works fine.


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