V 1.6 Updated and now Cubiio 2 runs into bottom left

I think the cubiio2 is pretty much abandoned by the creator. the shipped software is just garbage and the firmware although it advertised autofocus never got that feature implemented afaik… so I would not count on then to update the firmware - maybe you can fix it on your end (since it worked with version 1.5)

Great! thanks for the info!
I’m very happy that Lightburn actually makes the Cubiio usable!

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In case you need the installers:

yes thanks, I found them.

by the way - do you know if the autofocus of the cubiio works? or is enabled? or can be enabled via lightburn?
this is probably something I will find out if I get to know lightburn, but: does lightburn adjust the focus (z axis) after each pass?

That is a great question, I am inclined to say no but I am uncertain.

@jnesselr might know for sure!

Just to update everyone, the coordinate start from issue should be fixed as of the 1.6.01 version, which is in public beta now. You will still be able to only use absolute mode on the Cubiio 2, unfortunately.

We do not support autofocus currently on the Cubiio and we don’t currently have plans to support it. We do, however, correctly adjust the Z height based on Z steps per pass and the material height.

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