V.1 issues was just too much

How many are having problems with v.1 ?

I decided to update to the new lb v1 which was announced as worthy of a v1 title and not being classed as a beta any longer because it has some great new features… within 10 minutes of use I regretted it, large dimensions had shifting problems and parts of the designs didnt match up or align properly as if i had a belt slip etc etc… then i thought thankfully i can use the update to fix the bugs after a few days, well it sorted some of the issues…

Normally I can run a file, then without moving it on the bed I could add something to the design as a new colour layer and turn the others off, then simply hit start and it added the new bits perfectly… Well no longer… It mis aligns not just by a few millimetres but by inches… it also kept dropping out from my network and had no connection, the option of show last position would cause the head to revert back to default origin top left corner and not as the current location as i always use, so i had no choice…

Bye bye lb v.1

Welcome back my good old mate lb v.0.9.24

The stable version

its a shame as normally i swear by the software, some say its a new version so should expect bugs here and there but to have an update come out after just a few days to try and remedy faults to me just says it was not trialled enough and seems to have been rushed out for the sake of raising the prices up…
I might give v1 another chance in about 6 months after the forest floor of bugs is sorted out !

Are you using LB on a Mac, a PC, or something else?

What laser and on what kind of computer? Your profile just lists a random string of characters as the machine type, so that’s not helpful.

We’ve had a couple dozen people running this for well over a prior to the release, on many different kinds of controller. We’re aware of issues with MacOS, because Apple seems to have broken a key part of the serial driver used to talk to the chip in Ruida devices. Other than that, there was an issue with Grbl-M3 devices that was quickly fixed, and nothing else I’m aware of.

So please - give as many specifics as you can so I can try to figure out why you’re seeing what you’re seeing, because we simply aren’t seeing the same things here.

Are you in ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’ mode instead ‘Absolute Coords’ mode? That would have the effect you’re describing, because it would move the job origin if you added things.

You don’t give much clue what type of machine and controller you are running or what your computer OS is.

A LOT of us are running 1.0.01 with no problems at all and are loving it.
I’m sure not seeing a “forest floor full of bugs”.

Vacuumed some spiders out of the control cabinet on the laser a few days ago, but nothing software related.

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He’s never posted before - I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he returns to continue the conversation.

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