V1.1.03 Save As Not Populating File Name from Current Name

Seems like in past versions if the project had a name, the Save As prepopulated the filename with the project name. As you can see in this screenshot, the project already has a name (top left of title bar) and has been modified as indicated by the asterisk. When I choose File → Save As I want to save the project with the save filename but add a “version” at the end. As I recall, in the past the filename in the Save As dialog already contained the current filename but no longer does.

I always remember it not doing that, so I had to enter a new name… don’t think it’s changed…


Lightburn definitely had (prior to v1.1) the existing file name in the name field when doing Save As. I save files in different sizes so having to type out the entire file name now is causing me time. I would like to have it the way it was. Or at least have an option in settings where you could choose which you prefer.

Try enabling “Use external Load / Save dialogs” dialog in Edit->Settings. This should give you the behavior you expect.

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What’s the difference? There is not much in the documentation.


I’m not certain of the implementation but from what I can gather “Use internal Load / Save dialogs” uses an in-process save dialog while “Use external Load / Save dialogs” uses a forked process with LBFileDialog.exe for the dialog windows.

I’ll try that myself. I have thought it did it, then when I looked I wasn’t sure…


It did not populate the file name field.


You did this for a file that was already saved and then freshly opened? That works in my tests.

Wonder what could be different. Is this on your Linux system? Wonder if it’s system dependent.

Does the behaviour continue after restart?
Which Linux release/flavour are you using?
Ruida 6442G controller, your diode? or both?
I’ll draw it to the attention of the Dev team.

I’m glad you got that project looked at. I think it looks great. If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to delete the off-topic post to help others when they’re looking for answers.

Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Release: 20.04
LightBurn 1.1.03, built Fri 2022-03-11 @ 10:38

Ruida or Diode, same thing.

This has been a common behavior that I remember. Once I got in there to check it out, it reminded me I have had to enter this since I started using Lightburn…

I’ve rebooted the machine and invoked Lightburn every time the machine was booted plus some…

Did this, closed the software and invoked it, still the same…

You have my blessing…


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