V1.1 has added a not-too-helpful pop-up for line speed on Fill & Line layers

Firstly, congrats on ver 1.1 you have obviously been busy and the feature list is very impressive. I particularly like that I can re-position the measure window & it remembers the position next time it pops up.

Secondly, you have added an advisory, something like ‘Did you know that line speed is faster than fill speed’ for Fill & Line layers. I have several production items that have a small font size. The best way I found to get them to engrave clearly was to fill them, then whizz round afterwards with a light and fast outline. I use a remote keypad to start jobs and now, every time I run these jobs, I have to go back to the PC and hit ‘Yes’ to clear the popup warning and start the job. How do I turn off this unwanted message?

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You can’t, for the moment, but I can add an option for it. This was requested by multiple vendors, since running ‘Line’ mode vectors at high speed usually causes lost steps.

You said this is for small text - what speed do you have the text set to, and are you sure it’s actually reaching that speed?

If you set the ‘Line after fill’ setting to be 1mm/sec slower than the fill pass, you won’t get the warning.

Perhaps it would be better to have the speed check validation done at time of entry or when you hit “ok” at the cut setting layer instead of at time of run. Would serve the purpose but also not get in the way of execution.

It would also not validate any existing files, files loaded and run from the internet, and so on.

True… But wondering if that’s really a common use case. I can’t imagine running a downloaded file without at least validating or updating the cut settings. And I imagine people would go back to checking cut settings if their burns were coming out incorrectly.

I’m just thinking in the other cases where LightBurn warns you about something prior to burning is when you’re likely to do something wrong. For example the out of bounds warning. This one feels more like a reminder of best practice, not a warning of impending danger or stupidity where it would make sense to impede the user. This was the first warning message from LightBurn I’ve dismissed instead of heeded or otherwise paid for not heeding.

Your imagination is not based on the volume of customer support tickets we answer. :slight_smile:

As I said, multiple vendors requested this, because lots of people completely miss that the “Line after fill” settings even exist, leave them set to the default, then wonder why their lines are all messed up and email us (or the vendor) to ask.

To wit: We’ve already received about 6 messages asking about this new warning. In each of those cases, the users didn’t realize the ‘Line After Fill’ settings were even there. This is the first time a user who apparently knows what they’re doing has complained. Even then, setting the speed at or higher than the engraving speed for outlining small text , it is extremely unlikely that the laser is ever reaching that speed, so there would be no harm in setting it lower.

I have no doubt the problem is very real. Just ruminating on different remedies to potentially maximize the least worst approach. :slight_smile:

Hi Oz, thanks for your very fast response.

My text has a (measured) height of 1.5mm and it follows an arc of 25mm diameter. Typically I engrave it onto bamboo, using a Fill speed of 35mm/s, power of 12% & Line settings are speed 85mm/s, power 12%. I developed these settings after doing a reasonable amount of experimentation, I don’t remember all the combinations I tried but I didn’t start with Fill + Line. I tweaked the settings because the wood grain frequently ‘got in the way’ of the nice clear text I was aiming for and left some of the characters looking malformed. I can’t claim that the laser is actually achieving these speeds, but it did take me a while to adjust the settings to get the text presentable.

1.5mm high text is never going to hit a speed of 85mm/sec. If you set the “Line after fill” speed to 34.5mm/sec, I’d be very surprised if you could see any visible difference, and the warning will not trigger.

I can look at putting in a “don’t warn me again” switch, but it’ll take a bit for a version to release with that added.

Thanks for your response. I will try reducing the Line speed as a short term workaround, but I have a number of files that I now have to modify. I have managed many software projects in the past and I know that it’s impossible to please all the users all the time. I also understand that the complexity increases rapidly, when making features user-selectable, but LB has grown to the point where the next new feature could easily be someone else’s bug

Keep up the great work

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