V1.2.01 UX Problem on Windows 10

I am using LB 1.2.01 on a Comgrow Comgo Z1 5W (although the same problem exists on other devices) and the bottom pane where the Art Library and Library tabs are has a graphical anomaly that prevents the last listed items from being selected. Also the Load and Save buttons are partially obsctructed and can only be selected near the top of the button. The Save As and New buttons cannot be clicked at all. I am using a HP laptop with 1366x768 display resolution (its maximum display size). Attached is a snippit of the lower left corner where the anomaly is.

Displays with vertical resolution of 768 aren’t well supported. Or rather, the minimum height of the default windows is higher than 768. The general recommendation is work in with a single pane instead of a stacked double pane model.


Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that but that worked.

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