V1 Create an array of selected objects

Create an array of selected objects,you cannot delete the original one it deletes the whole lot
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You are using the new ‘Virtual Array’. No need to revert back, just tick the option Off (red) to have the array work as you expect.

I also suggest, this is worth review: :wink:

Virtual Arrays

Virtual Array tutorial - YouTube

There is also a Virtual Array option that can be selected by checking “Create Virtual Array” at the bottom of the Grid Array dialog. Instead of making copies of the original shapes, this will generate virtual clones of the original that stay synced at all times. When using a virtual array, the virtual clones will render with a dashed outline and muted fill color to denote they are virtual:

Note that these virtual shapes are not selectable and will always be laid out based on the array options you provided. However, any changes made to the original shapes are automatically reflected in the array. – Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you Rick much better.

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