Valori DPI sculpfuns9

Salve a tutti, ho appena acquistatto il mio primo laser (sculptfun s9) e vorrei sapere se il valore dpi e’ un valore della macchina o va cambiato a seconda del materiale o del lavoro che si svolge? se fosse valore /laser quale sarebbe il migliore per la mia macchina volendo incidere foto su legno 3 mm?
Grazie in anticipo a tutti!!!

Your machine itself will have an inherent maximum DPI based on the mechanics and optics. Additionally, the material you burn to can further limit the DPI due to the properties of the material. So it’s ultimately a function of both your machine limits + the material that you’re burning to that will limit the DPI.

This video is pretty thorough in explaining how to identify ideal DPI settings and the practical impacts of those settings.
The COMPLETE Photo Engraving Guide Part 1 | Fiber CO2 UV and Diode - YouTube

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For the S9, start with 318 DPI (0.08 mm line width). This has been the best setting for most S9 users. As PY said, this might differ from material to material and even more important: your preference. So as usual - test what suits you most :slight_smile:

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