Variable Data returns multiple instances of the same text

I am using Variable Data in a layout for a Christmas ornament. At first glance, it works correctly, in that data is populated into each instance of the design. But then when I look closer, in a layout of 12 designs, there are only 4 names presented, with each name being presented 3 times.

What am I doing wrong? I would like each each name to only be represented once.

What do your variables in the design look like?

How is your CSV file structured?

Did you choose to increment value in the Virtual Array?

It is not a virtual array. In order to maximize the number of objects in the layout to fit the size of the material, the middle row is rotated at a different angle. My understanding is that arrays do not allow for object rotation.

Circular arrays do allow for object rotation but still not a good fit for what you’re doing.

I think what’s happening in this case is that there’s something wrong with the “Offset” values for each instance. “Offset” is found immediately below “Merge/CSV” in the Font/text toolbar.

Click on each variable instance and make sure that the “Offset” value is consistent for each ornament and they increment for each additional instance.

All of ornament 1 has Offset 0
All of ornament 2 has Offset 1
All of ornament 3 has Offset 2

Okay, I got it now! And I needed increase the “Advance by” number to 12.Thank you very much for your assistance. :grinning: