Variable feed rate during line cut

Not sure if there is an option for this.
But I have a 1m x 1m machine bed with a 100w co2 laser. I find that the axis where the cutting head is furthest (x=1000mm y=1000mm) away cuts weaker than closest (x=10 y=10). this is expected obviously. So when I cut a large circle, I find that the closest 3/4 cut through but the farthest 1/4 still needs more cutting time.
Does lightburn have a speed regulation control setting that allow me to slow the machine at the furthest points relative to the the cutting head distance from the laser? almost like a scaler table that will offset the speed to compensate for reduced power?

If your cutting efficiency is that different across the bed, you likely have an alignment issue, or possibly just poor exhaust extraction, and the smoke is reducing the beam strength.

We don’t have a software option to compensate for this.

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Now they you mention it. This is while I am cutting 6mm mdf. I do have a large centrifugal fan attached to a 6inch exit at one end. But I do notice a lot of smoke accumulate during the process. My alignment is spot on though.

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