Variable Text and QR Code not working

Hi All,

I´m on Mac Os and tested Lightburn last days. Working good so far.
But I have a problem with the QR Code.

When I want to print with Merge/CSV everything is working well. Text in Placeholder is generated correctly everytime I push the send button.
But QR Code is not changing and always the same. Always showing information from Row"0" of the CSV. Same in Preview. Text is changing, QR Code is not renewed to actual Info from CSV.

Anyone the same problem here?


Thank you for reporting this issue. We can confirm and reproduce here. The variable text global offset (the ‘Current’ value in the variable text window) isn’t used currently for QR codes. It is now…

Here is a test build if you might be willing to try it out.

Hi Rick,

perfect! Its working in your test build. But Darkmode for Mac BigSur is gone. :slight_smile:

thanx a lot for now. I´m sure the problem is gone in the next release…


Great to confirm!

Ok, ok, one thing at a time. :wink: Just kidding…we are aware of these issues. Big Sur has been causing us some pains over the last few OS releases. We are working our way through these as rapidly as possible. Thanks for being a part, reporting issues you observe, and helping us to solve. We really appreciate the efforts. :slight_smile:

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