Variable Text for Tumblers

I got a job lasering Polar Camel 32oz water bottles for a high school basketball team. The front will be the school logo and 180 degrees from that will be the athlete’s name. I’d like to create a template with the athlete placeholder and a .csv sheet that contains their names, so I burn one bottle and then pull it off, place another and start the new job. Looking through the documentation this appears to be something that should be possible with variable text, specifically the auto advance parameter.

Auto-Advance: When this switch is enabled, each time you press one of the 'Start', 'Send' or 'Save as..' buttons in the Laser window, LightBurn will automatically advance the Current value by the 'Advance by' amount. If you are running a large batch of parts, names, serial numbers, etc, each time you send a job to the laser the software will advance to the next batch.

I think this something I can accomplish with variable text using the auto advance?

Yes. I’ve done a bunch of tumblers for a customer with names on them. They provided a text file with all the names in a single column. Set that up in LightBurn, and just re-sent the job to the laser after each tumbler, which incremented the name and ran through the list. That way too, I didn’t mistype any of the names, they were exactly as they sent them. Worked great.

That’s a great idea!

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