Variable Text is coming

(Oz) #1

The Variable Text feature in LightBurn is ready for user testing. If you do work that uses serial numbers, mailing lists, date stamps, etc, I’d love to have your feedback. If you’re interested in trying / testing it, PM me or reply to this thread and I’ll give you access to the beta build that’s been posted.

(Bernd ) #2

Hi Oz,
I would like to try this new feature for a small project with approx. 40 names sign for a birthday party.

Thanks for your work to make LB better and better.

with my best regards

(Ralf) #3

Hi, I really like to test this feature, because I have to engrave 400 serial numbers on stainless steel plates, and I hope this feature helps me to save a little time.

(Oz) #4 - You already have access to the Beta group where the new build is posted. @Gee - You’ve been added.

Look for the category “LightBurn Beta Testers” here in the forum for the 0.9.05 builds announcement for the download links and documentation.

(loather) #5

I’d like to try this out as well!

(Blake Bartlett) #6

Does this work by letting you set your own variables, and perhaps an interval that they increase or decrease by each burn?

(Oz) #7

Close - The docs are posted here:

It will do what you say, and quite a bit more (though I have increment only, no decrement).

(Eddie R Sinclair) #8

I could certainly use serial numbering.

(CJ Morin) #9

I would like to try it out.

(Oz) #10

@CJ.Morin, @ESINCLAIR, @loather - You’re all added to the beta group, and will now be able to see the release notes and download links.

(Hank Morgan) #11

Oh yes please, I would like to try it!

Just read the documentation. So much awesome sauce there it made me drool a little.
The “Cut Setting Text Format” sounds wonderful!

(Thomas Cuk) #12

Me, me, me!
Please add me also!

(Giovanni Di Costanzo) #13

Please can you add me also, i want try this feature, thanks

(Don Glascock) #14

I have used a few different systems and would like to have a look and see if I could help.


(Harrelson Stanley) #15

Could you add me to the list as well? This will be very helpful
Thank you for working on this

(Mike Ward) #16

Hi Oz, I would be happy to trial the Variable Text…

(Ben) #17

I’d like to try this out with some projects we have to do soon. Thanks in advance!

(Patrick Rose) #18

May I please get to test the variable data feature?

(Marius Jakavickas) #19

Count me to thanks.

(Jeremy Curtis) #20

Is it to late to test the variable text beta? If not, I’d like to try it as well.