Variable text, matrix creation and maximal width issues

I am extensively using the “variable text” tool of lightburn and in fact this is a killing criteria for me. This goes along with the “array generation” and with the setting of the seting of the “maximal width” of a text field.

While these options together are a great tool, there are some points which should be improved:

  1. the maximal width seting of a text field is not stored in the file. Thus even if I save it, upon re-opening of the template it has to be re-defined each time manually. If you have 300 objects to be writen in one go, than this is an annoying task. It would be half as bad, if you could select all objects at once and assign the “maximal width” property, but just this property does not show up of you select more than one objects.

  2. if one creates an array of objects to be written as “variable text”, and you realize, that for whatever reason there are too many columns and delete e.g. the last two column, than those lines of the CSV file, which correspond to the deleted columns will be left out.

Could Lightburn improve at least on point 1 ?
With best regards

I am not following which setting you are referring to here. Please re-word and/or show a picture of the setting field.

Not following this description either. If you put something into a job, in this case an array of variable text, then remove some of the array, it is no longer part of the job as you say you have removed it, so of course, it will not output. I must not be understanding the issue as you have described it here.

Max Width for text is a Shape Property. I noticed a while ago that it wasn’t saving and have already fixed this for the next release.

For the 2nd part, you’d need to re-create the text array, or re-assign the text indices to the existing entries. If you were to delete only the last two rows all you would need to do is drop the ‘Advance By’ number to account for the lower number of items.

If I create a 5 x 5 array from the upper-left corner, going down and to the right, these are the assigned indices:

Chopping off the bottom row just reduces the count by 5. Chopping off a column would require re-indexing everything. We could have a function to re-index variable text items by counting the number of unique values and re-sequencing everything from 0 again. That wouldn’t be terribly hard.

Dear Oz

Great to hear that the “max width” shape property will be saved in the next version. Thanks for that in advance.

Could you pleeeeeease also implement, that upon generating an array the “max width” shape property (and all other shape properties too) are also propagated to the members of the newly generated array? (currently this is not the case)

Regarding re-indexing of an array: if ALL shape properties are inherited upon generating an array, than the re-numbering function is not any more that essential, since instead of re-numbering, one can simply generate a new array.

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