Variable text problem, it will not read all column in text file

I got a problem I fight with some time, and it is about variable text. in the text file I have
5 columns and 8 rows. in test file I make like this A1 to A8 in first column, then in the last column
it is E1 to E8.
First column (have A1 to A8) it is ok, but when software change to column B1 to B8 it will start
on B2 and end with the B7 and ignore the B8, then next column C1 to C8 it will start with C3 and ignore the C8 and C7 and so on, any ideas ?

This is my test file.
testfile.lbrn (29.9 KB) text1.txt (126 Bytes)

//Anders Sweden

This is picture of the textfile

This is the layout in Lightburn

This is when I simulate in Lightburn

I haven’t looked at the file, but I suspect that you have the variable text offset value set differently for the columns as well as the rows. Each horizontal row of your example should have the same variable text offset value (that chooses the row from the csv file to show). That’s why you’re seeing A1, B2, C3 … in the bottom instead of A1, B1, C1, …

In Sweden late time now, I will change tomorrow and update. Thanks. I need to go to Stockholm and fix this for one of our customer. //Anders

Yep, It solved the problem, I did not put attention on the offset, thank you. //Anders

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