Variable text - Request - Cut Setting - Expression for Number of passes

Variable text - Cut setting is pretty cool for making test pattern and indicating what setting where used for those different tests, one can have a generic file and simply test different setting without having to retype all the labels for them. I typically use the following expressions under each circle to be cut. C00, P, S I wish there was a way to add the number of passes as well, is this a variable that is planned for the future? Any other cut setting are planned to be added later?

list of current cut setting expressions available here

17 days left on my trial and i’m loving it :smiley:

I can add pass count easily enough. It’ll be in the next release.


Pretty new to Lightburn and thinking on a similar thread, I have done test passes on different materials line and fill which is great to see what my LM2 20w can do using the array setting with a grid and reduction in power down the scale using the Power Scale in Shape Properties.
I’m trying with another array grid to do a similar as above using a line cut but every which way I try to adjust the pass count it reverts to the last one changed on that colour, wanting to try up to 12 passes on 7 different speed settings needing 84 colours to do them individually, am I going about this wrong or am I over complicating this ?

The pass count is per layer. That said, if you want to do different numbers of passes in a single layer, just duplicate the shapes that number of times.

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Is there anyway to show how many duplicates are of that shape ?

You can drag-select and the status bar will tell you how many shapes are selected. That’s really the only simple way.


Thank you, you are truly a Wizard.

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