Variable text rotates when I open programs

Hi, all. I have some programs I’ve made for engraving locks. Three locks and three sets of keys go into a jig on the fiber laser bed and the program references a .csv file for numbering the locks and keys accordingly. Pretty straight forward. The snip below shows what things look like in Lightburn.

Unfortunately, when I open the program anew, do a SAVEAS, or make a change to any of the text strings the strings are often rotating 180 degrees, and not even about it’s geometric center.
If I close Lightburn and then reopen the software and the program it looks like this:

Notice that everything is 180 degrees out

I then change the Device to my fiber laser and things look good, like this:

If I double click after the K in K-%0 then the cursor appears in an odd position:

When I begin to type by hitting Backspace everything flips over and looks like this:

Note that I hit ctrl+z once it flipped upside down to bring back the character that was erased with the backspace press.

Has anyone experienced this problem and have insight on how to get past this? I have several hundred locks I’m marking and don’t like the lack of confidence that I have with this currently. Thank you all for the help!

Sample files are attached for reference.
Example-Locks.lbrn2 (69.8 KB)
00-99 in 3 columns.csv (336 Bytes)

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