Variable text serial number even numbers only?

objective: even numbers from 2 to 48 rotated around a circle

serial number variable text
changed text type from normal to serial number
offset 2
Variable Text dialog box:
current 0
start 0
end 48
advance 2
auto-advance on
dd text in work space
placed on edge of circle
selected text, then circle, then circular array
start 0
end 360
step 45
copies 24

toggled on:
use last selected object position as center
rotate object copies
auto-increment variable text

image populates with dd spaced appropriately
preview shows numbers from 2 to 25 spaced appropriately, incrementing by one

I experimented with various settings, only making things worse. At one point, I had 2, 2, 3, 4, etc, then had 2, 5, something, something.

I’ve searched the system for related previous topics but found nothing with math.

If this is not a possibility, I see two work-arounds. One is to use single increments, then delete the alternating odd numbers. The other would be to create a CSV file with only even numbers, although that opens up a new and different learning experience.

File attached for verification, maybe sorta.incremental text peg testing sent to LB.lbrn (62.2 KB)

I edited your file and adjusted the ‘Variable Text’ ‘Offset’ value so they are incremented by 2, ending with an offset of ‘48’ as shown in the example below.

I also moved your blue ‘Fill’ layer to above the black ‘Line’ layer so it cuts first. Changed the ‘Fill’ setting to ‘Fill shapes individually’. Ungrouped and joined the outer-most shape into a single path. I also changed the ‘Start point’ of some of your shapes to help optimize the job. incremental text peg testing sent to LB-02.lbrn (59.6 KB)

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There isn’t an automated way to advance when creating variable text by anything but 1 at the moment. You can manually edit, as Rick has done. We’re discussing have an ‘Advance by’ field added to the various grid / radial copy functions.

Does manually edit mean to open the file in a text editor and find/replace the stuff? I hope so, as I’ve attempted to duplicate via the program UI and now it starts at 49 and increases from there.

I appreciate the other edits, although it wasn’t a finished project due to the text consideration. I’ll see what my alleged brain cells will produce when I open the two files and make a comparison.

Thanks for the help.

You can do it with a text editor by opening and editing the project file, but I meant just doing it here in the Offset value for each text item:


If you open the file I shared and then select any one of the Variable Text objects and look to the ‘Offset’ value Oz and I are pointing to. As you change the selection to a different text object, you will see the offset value change as well. This is the edit I made to have your text resolve the way you want.

I did as suggested and now have a better understanding of how to manually edit the file. I’ve put it on the back burner for a while, other stuff jumping to the fore, but I’m hopeful I’ll remember when the project floats back to the top.

thanks for all the help.

Is there a “solved” button somewhere?

Click the little … button under a post and there’s a checkbox for ‘Solution’.
Clickimage then image

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