Variable text upgrade?

Hi, I have been using variable text to engrave collar buckles and it is quicker BUT it has a flaw.
The names and or numbers wont always be the same size which means the text placeholder often needs to adjusted.

So I may have a buckle name BOB and then SPECIALFURBABY if he placeholder is sized for either it will need to be adjusted for the other. Can the lightburn team consider a fit to box system/option of perhaps a sizing box around the symbol in which any text or numbers automatically expand or shrink to a sizing. The lighburn team have made amazing software this must be possible.

Okay All sorted text now has “shape properties” which can be selected by selecting window top menu and scrolling down to enable the menu. After that a max width can be set YEEEEEE. Well done lightburn – still the best :slight_smile:


For additional context, we added ‘Squeeze’ to the Shape Properties page in the 1.5 release. Worth review. :slight_smile:

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