Variable Text Z Height

Is there a way to use get the absolute Z height in variable text? I looked at the docs but thinking maybe they’re just out of date?

There isn’t, no. It wouldn’t be possible in many cases - both GCode and DSP systems can run in relative mode, where the starting Z height isn’t actually known, so there’d be no way to set the appropriate value.

How about the layer z offset then?

There isn’t a way to do it at the moment, but I’ll make a note to add it.

Thanks. I’m trying to do a focus test using an array of 11 repeated engraved patterns of dots and dashes. Ideally it would show the absolute z height next to each pattern. But relative would be somewhat helpful as well. The middle pattern is where I think the focus will be. The 5 above and 5 below are moving the z height in .1mm increments.

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