Varying power when set to bidirectional fill

When engraving an svg on a glass bottle using the RA2 pro with the settings set to bidirectional fill, I’ve noticed how it will burn at the set power in both directions for a given width and then will burn in one direction at the set power and will run the opposite direction at a much lower power setting for that same given width. It will keep alternating and you are able to see stripes on the engraved image. Anyone have any ideas to why this is occurring or what I’m doing wrong?

Did you watch it run in the preview window… see if it does this with the generated code…

When doing a fill set for bidirectional, it should go both ways at the same speed… I assume you have a 0 angle…

I assume the wide banding you’re talking about it going vertical on the mug, or from top to bottom… same way the X axes was running…?


I have not watched it run in preview but I will check that out. The banding is running along the x axis and yes the scan angle is set to 0. Burns at set power in both directions and then switches and only burns at set power in one direction with reduced power on the other.

So I have watched the preview and I do see the banding occurring. It’s odd because the image itself that I’m using is just outline so I’m not sure where the embedded info is coming from when it produces the code for the fill. I also don’t think it’s an

interval issue because the banding is so wide.

Keep in mind that how displays do their job can cause what we call the Moire effect

You’re probably right on about dpi/lpi…

Laser everything has a great video on how to select the proper dpi for your laser and it’s material. This process works for any laser and any material. Might want to watch it, it will answer many question and has great graphics… Ignore the idea that it’s for photos only… it’s the basics of dpi/lpi.

If you still have issues, sing out.

Good luck


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