Vector Engraving burning too deep at edges

Hello All,

Hoping someone has an answer to this issue. I just purchased a Ortur LM3 and using the latest lightburn version. I am conducting a power test to just get things started but am having an issue where the engraver is engraving at a different depth around the edges. More specifically, if I draw a simple square in the lightburn software, and set it to fill, the middle of the square will engrave well, but the edges where the laser head changes directions burn too deep. I confirmed this is not an issue when engraving a grayscaled jpeg, so I think it has something to do with the min power settings?

If anyone has any insight, I would be very grateful. I’ll try to post some pictures as well.

A few potential things:

  1. If you have Constant Power Mode enabled then disable it. Constant Power Mode disables any variable power adjustments
  2. Use of overscan in Cut settings should avoid this even with Constant Power Mode. I suspect you’ve disabled it or the value is too low.

Min power settings have no effect on non-grayscale engraving for g-code devices.

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