Vectors lase a little short

Looking for help/advise. I’ve been trying to make a few of the fake 3D wire mesh night lights. Everything works pretty well except some of the vectors end up being just a little short. They don’t cut all of the way to the edge of the pattern. The Lightburn preview looks perfect. The picture shows a test run on MDF since I didn’t want to waste my acrylic. The problem is most noticeable in the ring where the short horizontal lines are, also the ends of the fins and tail. It was suggested that using Lead-In/Lead-Out would help but the LB manual does not say how to use them. I have seen a lot of successful posts where they were made. Can you help?

K40, LX4 controller, 100mms, 7mA, Lightburn.

Looking at some of the cases I see, it could be related to min/max setting in the layer menu. Min setting is what the power is reduced to where thing slow down to do a direction change or curve. You might try upping the min setting.

Great idea except min is greyed out. However, min and max are both set to max. Also, on the Cut Setting Screen only max is available.

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