Ver 1.1.03 current version I have lost control of my min. power. Greyed out

I no longer can access my min.power in either vector or bitmap.Using latest ver.1.1.03.
Dont know how to get it back?
I installed ver. 1.0.06 on another computer and that ver. has min. power control for both vector and bitmaps. If someone can help me get it back in the latest ver…I sure would appreciate it. Thank you

disregard post. Its apparent that Lightburn didnt like a bitmap I was using so it grey out min. power. I still dont have min. power for vectors…but I will wait to see if someone else comes up with a solution

Check this post for insight on this…

I just posted about this in a different thread because I have the same issue. Min power doesn not appear anywhere when opening vectors, appears when opening image files but can’t be changed as it is grayed out

Min power is only valid for grayscale images and is thus unavailable for all other types on g-code machines.

1 more question, since ver. 1.0.06 does support max and min power control. Can a file written in ver 1.0.3 run on earlier ver. 1.0.06?

Min Power has never done anything for GCode systems, except for when working with grayscale images. The fact that you were able to change the number doesn’t mean it ever worked - there is simply no way for LightBurn to tell the controller what to do with that value. Files created with older versions of LightBurn will work just as they always have.

This is even mentioned in the documentation that no one reads :slight_smile: :

thanks OZ for the explanation…at times things can get confusing

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