Version 1.1.02 crashed machine - still down

Loaded the 1.1.02 version from github. It seemed to come up the first time although I did nothing but close the program.

LightBurn-Linux64-v1.1.02.7z was used.

Uburntu 20. something – machine is not accessible at the moment.

Next time I invoked it, if had a partial splash screen then the machine hung.

No keyboard or mouse. Could not ssh into the machine.

Tried to use the ‘recover’ option, but I seem to lose the keyboard and mouse by that time. It works to get me into maintenance mode, but isn’t working when I get the ‘grub’ prompt…

I’m hoping to get it back up as I had the debug option enable, I believe.

On my spouses machine… until I get another Linux box up…

I attempt is to keep Ubuntu as current possible. I do an update at least weekly…


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