Version 1.2.00 first use issue

I don’t know if this was done intentionally or it’s a bug, but there are some issues that took my attention in this version: When a library setting is assigned to a layer, the setting in the layer cannot be modified. The Air assist does not show green, the tabs settings cannot be modified. I am not 100% sure on the next one because I did not try it again, but it seems that the tabs setting becomes disabled when the job starts.

That is the material linking feature. The settings are now dictated by the material setting and will change if the material setting itself changes.

You can unlink the material if you don’t want it to be linked.

Is there a way to toggle this feature off permanently?

While I see how this could be a useful addition, I’d prefer it to not be the default.

Do you mean material linking? If so, then no, I don’t believe there’s a way to turn that off.

If there’s a specific aspect of it that you don’t like then there’s likely a workaround.

For example, you don’t need to assign a material at all. Or if you only want the material settings as a reference but don’t want it linked then just assign to layer, then unlink within the settings and the base material settings will be retained.

Yes, I mean material linking.

We’ve been using Lightburn for a very long time and have an extensive material library developed, so I’m quite familiar with these aspects. We use the library for every project, and it’s essential to our workflow.

That said, we also quite often make adjustments to speed and power on the fly as required, and needing to ‘unlink’ each layer every time is an unnecessary step and I’d rather linking/not linking was a global preference.


Might be worth checking for or adding a feature suggestion. I would think different buttons for “Copy settings to layer” and “Link material to layer” might work.


Thank you for this feedback. I have brought this to the attention of the dev team for consideration and comment. :slight_smile:

Nice addition, thanks PY! :slight_smile:


Done! (Material linking preference · LightBurn)

Are you saying, you have ‘Air Assist’ ticked On (green) in a Material Library entry that is not set to the layer you assign, do I have that correct? I am seeing this behavior as well. Report made.

Please share a bit more detail here. What exact steps did you take and what result did you observe? Step by step will help us when we try to duplicate the issue on our side. :slight_smile:

I guess a couple of screenshots will help to see the problem. On top of it, yesterday I printed a new part, and in despite that the tabs were set, the machine ignored them. Again, remember that I did not have any of this in the previous version. Notice that in the tabs are enabled and the air assist is blocked both in the layer editor and in the layers list. Notice also that in the job screen there are tabs set as usual. And I just found out another one, which may be that I am doing something wrong. When I make a change in the library layer, I hit Save and I assume that any change I did in the library layer will be saved. When I open the library again the change was lost. In particular, I noticed this with the Tab enable switch.

Thank you again for providing this feedback. This is a know and fixed issue. As for the other issues raised, we are working to resolve a few of these issues for an update coming soon. Thank you again for contributing to the effort! :slight_smile:

All remaining issues have been fixed and I’ve also added the option to just copy library settings like you used to. You’ll now have “Assign” (which does the old method) and “Link” (which does the new linked method).


Great guys. Thank you for your effort.

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So, to understand the postet link right. The 2 Buttons to assign or link the Material Settings will come in the next update?

Currently, in beta… :wink:


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