Version 1.2.00 laser head takes off when done burning with rotary

We started a large tumbler order following a sample last week and on the test run with tape the behavior changed. When the burn is done the laser head keeps going till…not sure I stopped it (no limit switch mid table). Dropped back to the version before 1.2 and the issue goes away. Looking around there are a number of rotary anomalies with 1.2, are there fixes planned?

I assume the X axes is what’s moving after the burn?

What is the ‘Return Position’ setting in the ‘Machine Settings’.?

Screenshot from 2022-07-15 13-44-52

Which way is it going when it completes?

The Ruida should not let the head ‘crash’, it should stop it at the work limits. I do this a lot since I switch between inches and mm. If you ‘frame’ when in inches when working in mm, not good…

Most of us refer to these switches as limit switches. The Ruida uses them for ‘home’ positioning only, so the proper nomenclature should be ‘homing’ switches. I’m as guilty as the rest of us for doing this…

I point this out because you are having issues with movement. The Ruida ignores these switches after it homes, unlike most of the grbl boards. The Ruida ‘home’ switches can be triggered while the machine is in a job and they are ignored. The Ruida does have inputs for ‘limit’ switches.

Good luck


looks like we are set to return to absolute origin, I’ll try updating that to origin and see if that helps. thanks!

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