Version 1.6 bug

All the tool pulldowns are timing out and closing after around 5 seconds. Particularly disabling when trying to choose a font. The loading icon attached to the cursor comes on and all the tools reset.

Hi Russ

Can you describe a bit more extensively the steps you are doing to cause the issue.

This so I can try to replicate myself my end.

Also, what OS, and Laser Machine please?

This behavior persists if you restart a computer or are disconnected from the Laser?

I just checked with mine and the fonts-pull-down stays open endlessly. So it seems to be a specific issue with your setup. I use Win 11, LB 1.6.00

Hey Gil,
windows 11 OS . Rose Graphix 1390, Ruida DRC6445. The machine isn’t attached to this computer as it’s my graphics/file creation work station. Tried to recreate the problem in other softwares but couldn’t. It seems to be something to do with the latest Windows 11 update. its constantly loading or processing something every few seconds and that closes the drop downs in the latest lightburn.

Hi Russ!

Small questions.

If I understood you correctly, this windows computer you are using is for graphics creation

  • Have you created a Ruida controller on this Lightburn install?
    If so - is it a network profile or a Serial?
  • IF you remove the controller profile all together, and create a CUstom Gcode profile - or a No Machine profile
    (The goal here is to validate is not the profile itself interfering)

With a dummy profile, the problem persists?

If so - last request please.

  • Navigate to HELP > Enable Debug Log
  • Do a few tests, drawings. Move menus. If you feel stutters. Close Lightburn
  • Go to Documents default path - there will be a lightburn.txt

Upload the file here please?

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