Version 1 issues

I was going to purchase the Lightburn software this next weekend but all this week and last week I am reading that there are so many issues with the new version. Can someone tell me if when you purchase the software, do you have the option of getting the version you want or are you stuck with the latest and not so greatest?

When you buy LightBurn you can upgrade and downgrade the versions according to taste and need, but of course we would rather work with the most current version. It may seem a bit daunting with the relatively many who approach with some problem here, but you filter out all those who have not figured out how the new features work and those who think they have found a program error for a specific function (which is not even intended for their controllers), the errors in total are not many. Another thing is the transparency of LightBurn’s programming. Because everything is constantly online here, everything is so transparent. The good thing about all this is that real bugs and new user requests are processed very quickly.
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Thank you Bernd for the answer. I’m new to Lightburn so I definitely have a lot to learn. Just trying to gather the information before doing so.

You are very welcome, ask for help, help others and share your experiences, that’s what it’s all about here.

It’s worth keeping in mind that we have about 100,000 users at this point. If 100 of them have an issue and post all over Facebook about it, that represents 0.1% of the user base. It’s unusual for someone to download and say, “Just downloaded - no issues” so you get a skewed sense of things.

Most issues affect very specific sets of users, for example, MacOS/Ruida/USB is the combination that we’re having the most trouble with at the moment (and in the past as well). Other issues are generally fixed quickly with a patch update.

I’m a happy Lightburn software owner since Dec '18, and although I’m not a very active forum member I can say you’ll find very few software with the support level this has. The dev. team is always closer to the final user and they work hard when an error is reported or even to help the user to understand the way the soft works.

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