Version 9.09 selecting right serial port no longer possible (A5 diode laser)

I using Lightburn 9.09 with a cheap A5 diode laser (with arduino nano controller) When i want to select the right serial port I only see “cu.usbserial1420” (number is reference to port), this used to be all serial ports. I suspect that the serial ports are filtered now, for controlling the A5 laser I normally should select “cu.wchusbserial1420”.
I can still select “cu.wchusbserial1420” in the arduino IDE and give commands like “$$” there, but I can’t select this port in Lightburn any more (and no longer control the A5 laser).

I rolled back to 9.07 and the port “cu.wchusbserial1420” is available there.

I use OSX version 10.14.6 Mojave
Laser controller : Arduino nano (clone) with Grbl 1.1f firmware

More technical data, the arduino has a CH340 chip with an driver you have to install manually. Driver can be found on

(sorry for the repost I accidentally remove the first one.)

The ports needed to be filtered to remove bluetooth, as those were causing crashes. I’ll improve the filtering code.

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A fix has been posted - download and install 0.9.09 over your current version.

It works again, I see all serial ports (including one called “cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port”. )

I tried to use the ‘Find Devices’, it will crash Lightburn, so we are back in in previous situation.

(To be clear, I can now work around this problem, I also installed 9.0.7 to be able to work with this GRBL laser. I use this laser only occasional. If I can help with beta testing just let me know I will be happy to do so.)

I did a ‘quick and dirty’ change to get it working again. Have now cleaned it up properly so it’s doing the same validity checks everywhere, and properly filtering out bluetooth. Testing now.

An update has been released that includes the corrected filtering. Thank you for letting me know about that - it would’ve likely been a while before I spotted it.

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