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After sending the job to the laser, and starting the project, LightBurn then sends it again. The project is then running while the program sends it again and I can not stop it causing the project to skip and not follow the design. This has happened since the update to 9.15. I have a Ruida 644xg controller 100 w China import laser. I removed lightburn newest version, went back to 9.14. Same result Thank You

Can you be a little more specific with the first few steps? You say, “after sending the job to the laser and starting it, LightBurn sends it again”.

Do you mean that you send the file to the laser, and then you go to the laser and start it there? And sometime after you have started it, LightBurn just starts sending the file again?

I send the file to the laser, says file sent successfully, I hit start in LightBurn then the laser starts then LightBurn sends the file again. I am unable to stop the the file being sent and the controls to stop the laser in LightBurn do not operate. Hope this helps

You don’t hit ‘Send’ then ‘Start’ in LightBurn. Start sends the file and begins running it in one operation. If you ‘Send’ the file, then you walk over to the laser, press the ‘File’ button and open the file, then press Start on the laser to run it, or you can start it from the File window in LightBurn.

If you press ‘Start’ in LightBurn, it sends the file as a temporary (unnamed) file and begins running it on the laser as soon as enough of it is buffered in the controller. RDWorks behaves the same way.

Ok I’ll give it a try. I have had this laser for about 3 months and the process I described was the way I have been doing it right along, without any repeats in the sending. Thank You

NO more Problems , Thank You

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