Version 9.20 drops com port then port dissapears

I didn’t have a problem connecting to my Marlin based / BigTreeTech GTR Board with 9.18 or 9.19, but as soon as I upgraded to 9.20, com port drops… Then it isn’t even shown in Device Manager. If I uninstall then reinstall Lightburn, it connects, but drops again. Can’t find 9.19 to go back to . I forgot to look in GitHub… found the older versions

There is no way for LightBurn to prevent your system from seeing the COM port. It sounds like you have a loose USB connection or something else going on here - this isn’t something the software can cause. Search the forum for “older versions” to install from the release archive to prove it.

ok… finally got port driver to show up… consistently… took several uninstall/reinstalls of the driver. weird…