Version 9.24 HM Rotary Issue

Rudia 6445G V15.01.22
LightBurn V9.24
HM Rotary V3

Following HM Laser Rotary installation instructions when I get step 25 that is “Start” to test fire for setup scaling but laser will not fire.
So I tried Sending the file to the controller then starting from controller with no response.
After that the only way to get the laser to fire was to Disable it in LightBurn go to “Machine Settings” under “Y Axis “and scale it under “Step Length”. It will fire and scale doing this configuration.
The laser works fine burning flats. Anyone experiencing this issue? As it stands I have two “Machine Settings” files, one for flats and one for rotary. Thanks


Reverted Rudia firmware.

From V15.01.22

To V15.01.22

Also using RDWorks V 8.01.40 with V15.01.22

I want to use LightBurn so I Reverted the Rudia firmware.

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