Version reverts back to older one when restarted

Operating a Mac and when I update to version 0.9.11 2020-03-23 the update works but when I restart the program it reverts to Version 0.9.09 2019-12-09. Any suggestions?

I am not sure I am understanding this. You got notified of the update, and completed the process, downloading and installing the update? Then restarted LightBurn and it had not run the latest version?

Did you run the update install to the same location, overwriting the previously installed version or to a new location by chance?

Did you install the update? Or just download it?

After downloading, a box comes up with Lighburn and Application folder. I drag the lightburn to the application folder and it asked if I wanted to replace the existing one which I said yes. I then went to Lightburn “Help” quick notes and about. The new version was listed. I then shut down and after rebooting went back to the “Help” and checked the version and it was back to the old one.
Do I have to delete the older version before updating?

Did it give you the option to keep both, or replace when you dragged into the application folder? You should replace, and LightBurn shouldn’t be running when you do this.

Gave me the option to keep both or replace. I replaced. At one point it said lightburn had to be shut down to update so I had to “Force Quit” as I couldn’t shut down.

I just went to check for updates and it says newer version available is 0.9.10 but I think there is a version 0.9.11???

We moved the software to a different server, so depending on what you have, you might need to go to 0.9.10 before 9.11 shows up. You can also just download and install directly from our download page on the website.

ok I’ll go directly to your download page. Should I delete the file in applications first or should it just overwrite?

OK, The new version (0.9.11) is loaded but I guess I lost all my settings. Thanks for the help, should be ok from here.

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