Vertical line help

Can someone tell me the cause of the vertical lines at the sides of the picture.
2000 mm /min @85%
600 dpi line interval .1
20 watt ortur lm2
Norton white tile method.
Have tried changing speed and line interval with no luck.

while doing some research on google. I found some info that may help you see attached this info I hope that will help you in some form

It’s interesting how it only appears to be toward the edges. Have you tried to add overscanning?

Yes I have tried overscanning from 2.5-6%

lightburn shows you that info when you enter either scangap or dpi, no need for a list

I think it may be your belt had the same effect in my 500x300 machine

Belt looseness seems likely, but also check your acceleration settings, might be vibration due to sudden change in direction. A greater overscan value should help isolate.

thanks for the info.

Adjusted the belt tension and will try another test burn. Thanks for all the input.

I suspect Tom is correct - it looks like “bounce” when changing direction at the sides.