Vertical Lines doubled in fill mode

I just noticed last night that while engraving a fill shape the vertical lines (and possibly the horizontal ones too, just harder to see) seem to be offset by about .5mm I haven’t noticed this before (just got the machine so i’m very new to this) works great on line mode. i was running 250mm/s @ 30%power (60watt red and black china unit)

any help would be greatly appreciated. Hardware, Software, dummy operator?

here is what i had in LB for the last pic.

Can you please let us know what controller/firmware you are using to drive your “(60watt red and black china unit)”.

Maybe update this as well so we won’t have to ask. Not sure what you have listed here. :slight_smile:

The circle in “line” mode looks a little wobbly, so I would suspect that you have a little mechanical play in the system somewhere. Make sure belts and pinions are all snug, and once that is dealt with, read here about scanning offset adjustments: