Very new to lightburn

I purchased a pattern from etsy that comes in a dxf or svg file. When I import either into the lightburn program it states " 592 shapes set to fill, but weren’t closed. These have been removed as they cause problems" The problem is that it is removing the actual etched design inside the cut pattern. I have tried to edit and “close the path” but nothing seems to happen. When I try to edit nodes it puts dark heavy lines all over the pattern. I am not sure what to try next??? I should also state that the purchased pattern does come nested or separated if that helps with the solution. Thank you

When you are in node edit mode, you are likely seeing a large number of nodes clustered quite close together. Zoom in and you’ll start to see separation.

If you’ve used “select open shapes set to fill” followed by “auto-join selected shapes” and it hasn’t worked for you, it may be necessary to manually edit the nodes. Drag an open node to snap to the adjacent location and it should then turn the entire shape to a marquee, aka marching ants.

Thank you very much! I will give that a try. I really appreciate your time and explanation .

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