Virtual Camera Set Up

So, I’ve spent several hours setting up a Raspberry Pi to use the Lightburn camera wirelessly. After a lot of user errors along the way (just trying to reproduce the works of actual smart people (nothing original on my part), I’m to the point where I have the image from the camera displaying on the screen in OBS Studio. So, the virtual camera is working. However, in Lightburn, in the Camera Control window, the camera drop down window only shows None and Face Time HD Camera as options. There is no Virtual Camera in the list of cameras. To be clear, this is on a MacBook. Any suggestions?

LightBurn requires a direct connection to the camera sensor to control the camera. While there may be some instances of people hacking their way around OBS to make it work, they are not officially supported and more often than not provide poor results.

Thank you. I realize that I am trying to duplicate a hack and that I clearly am not clever enough to pull this off on my own. I also did not expect an official response from LightBurn support as I’ve read a number of posts in the past that LightBurn had not yet added wireless camera support. Rather, I am hoping that a rogue LB user that has pulled this off might share their tips to making this work. Surely, it takes someone smarter than me to make this work.

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