Virtual Circular Array

Is there anyway to do a virtual array with the circular array tool?

Not at this time, no. The Virtual Array option is only available in the grid tool. :slight_smile:

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Part of the reason for doing the grid array as we did is that it’s supported by DSP hardware, so eventually it’ll feed through to the controller. Circular array wouldn’t be supported that way.

(Old post warning)
In v1.4.00, while using the Polar Array, it doesn’t seem to recognize the selected origin point to rotate the objects around, i.e., no matter which radio button I select in the top bar, the objects only rotate around their center point.

Is this how it’s been all along? Haven’t needed it until yesterday and discovered the workflow seems off (at least to me).

I’d like to be able to draw an object and have it rotate according to whichever 9-dot radio button I have selected while using the Polar Array function. It does work outside of the polar array function if I change the selection and use the “Rotate” numerical input just to the right of the 9-box radio buttons.

Would it be possible to have the polar array rotate based upon the 9-box radio selection?

The rotation is not based on the 9-dot controls. It’s based on a separate object not part of the array. Make sure that reference object is the last one selected and it and the array will be rotated around that object.

Thanks! I am aware of the last selected object and its usage as the rotation anchor point but that’s different from what I’m asking for.
I was trying to alleviate that step of creating an object to rotate about, then having to delete it when your done.
Seems like one could have a toggle button to use the 9-box or the other method. Just thinking out loud.

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