Voltage. Power supply vs. laser tube

We want to buy a new laser tube after we fried the last one. At the moment we borrowed one from friend and it cuts like gold. But. One thing got my attention. Out power supply voltage output: 34KV. Laser tube operating voltage: 15-16KV. Whaaat? Stopped cutting right away and went to SPT official page.

Their tube T100 100W: Operating voltage: 17-18KV
Their standartd power supply 100W: Output voltage 28~40KV

Whaat? I don’t understand it a bit. So what it should be?
Asked them (SPT) a question about this, but there is holiday time in China now and I have to order new tube tomorrow :-o

So, is it safe to use higher voltage or what?

Yes, that’s fine and normal. The striking voltage on a tube is quite a lot higher than running voltage.
As long as the current rating is similar and the supply can regulate the proper current to the tube all is well.
If you don’t have one already please put an ammeter in series with the cathode of the tube so you can see how much that sucker is really drawing and not fry it.

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