Voting System for New Feature Requests - Fider

LightBurn wants to know what you want. Do you have an idea for a new feature you want added to LightBurn? You can add and vote for additions to LightBurn by following the link below. (please search voting system first as to not duplicate requests)

“Have a feature you’d love to see in LightBurn? Suggest it here. We actually read these things. Please be specific, and include the type of controller you have, if applicable.”

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Feature request/question?
Link to
Total time estimated issue
About chinese laser controllers
Light Burn User Request / Bug
Skew / Free Transform Text
TL-410C controler, please add support
Project notes in a windows
Suggestion for camera registration UCR
Suggested Feature: Increment and Save
Multi-camera bug
U axis feed and cut overlap
Importing text from AI files
Feature request: Stretching text loses reference to original size
I still have no preview in my Shape Properties
Measurement tool
Please add: run the Frame more than one time
It's ALIVE again! Voting System for New Feature Requests is back
Suggestion for text to path tool function and "ghost" images
Import Gcode's layers
Feature Requests - Equal Spacing Alignment for Circumference and Project Tabs
Start and Frame button too close together
Different font size in same line of text
Focus Test - Optional Power for Numbers
Cut Window. Buttons to the right of the SPEED, amount?
Optimization Setting Button in Preview possible?
UI Feature request, rightclick copy
Paused job in LB but changing laser parameters has no effect upon resumingCheersn
Feature request: 3dconnexion Space Mouse support
Is it possible to create subscript and superscript text
Support for Vytek MX3 machine
Feature Request: Add Setting For Alternate Default File Extensions Like .gcode
Engrave pen and botlle with my diode 15w laser master in litghburn
Area of shape calculation
Favorites layers settings
3 point arc and internal and external radius on rectangles
Feature request for tabbed box maker and living hinge
ARM version of LightBurn?
Feature request: Gcode pre/post scripts
Importing to the same spot each time
Feature request: Default Scan Angle for Rotary
Log file to capture console outout
Shape move increments on toolbar
BJJCZ Controller
Masking an Image
Fiber Laser Control Software
Lead in and lead out

Real time image trace and gantry camera cross hairs and offset setting for lining up jobs with a camera .

The idea is to use the web site in the first post to ask for features, not list them here :slight_smile: